PRO OCTO, 25x400 mm Carbon 3K

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PRO OCTO, 25x400 mm Carbon 3K


QuadFrame, Heawy weight PRO OCTO frame with 25mm carbom arm tubes

OCTOcopter frame prepared for most popular controllers like ArduPilot Mega, ArduPilot Mega 2, 45x45mm boards like MultiWii and other like DJI
Naza / Wookong 

Hard frame with strong structure and incorporates a distribution plate for easy mounting (controllers and motors), used for video, photography and FPV

Materials: Black Fiberglass G10/G11 2.5mm thick, carbon 3K tubes arms 25x400 mm 

Size: 900mm motor to motor distance (diagonal)

Propeller: up to 13"

Motor mounts: Big and Anti-Vibration Designed.

Weight: 1290g (frame with motor mount and without legs)

You can use smaller motors (with 16x19mm screw holes) or bigger (with 19x25mm holes).

Recomended motors and propellers: typical 300-900kV motors with 10"-13" propellers with thrust up to 3.5kg/motor.

Remember that any motors and propellers should be ballanced before using it!

Included parts: 

    - two black 2.5mm fiberglass main plates,
    - protective black fiberglass cage parts (1mm),
    - 25mm carbon arms
    - 8 x Motor mounts Anti-Vibrations
     - power distribution board,
     - clear dome, some velcro for dome mounting,
    - zipties,
    - screws, nuts, washers, spacers etc

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