KIT Microgimbal V2 para GoPro 3/GoPro 3+ y 4

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KIT Microgimbal V2 para GoPro 3/GoPro 3+ y 4



Microgimbal V2, Plataforma Giroscópica para cámara deportiva.Es compatible con varios tipos de cámara e incorpora sistema para alimentar la cámara mientras graba. Incluye dos clavijas JST para alimentar el soporte desde la moto. Este Kit incluye Batería y cargador.

Micro Gimbal is a gyroscopic platform that incorporates the latest in stabilization systems for sports cameras

This platform is designed exclusively for two-wheeled vehicles and has an axis called roll stabilization

This equipment has evolved through the work of our betatester, we have helped to understand the reactions of both machine and the user needs


Micro Gimbal is optimized for two-wheelers vehicles. Our experience manufacturing gimbals for drones has allowed us to create a compact and reliable product.

Then we will see some differences between the Gimbals for drones and Micro Gimbal:

Usually, a drone need an equipment of multi-axis stabilization with the minimum possible weight. To achieve this, smaller engines with enough force are installed, to move the camera without case.

Micro Gimbal has been designed to work with sports cameras with carcasses, and only one axis stabilization. For that, we have incorporated an engine, whose power supports the force generate by these vehicle.

Some specifications:




Only Micro Gimbal provides quality and image stabilization that other manufacturers have not been able, to do this, we have been very careful with the materials and manufacturing methods.

The support has two important parts to differentiable:

  • First: The Gimbal chassis or body, made with high quality materials and durability.



  • Second: There are some pieces (marked in green in the figure below) that complement the equipment, these are generic, and we do not manufacture. These pieces are used to hold the camera to the gimbal, and as fulcrum of the gimbal. These pieces can be replaced with simple screws and simple way without affecting the main chassis or structure.



Note: Micro Gimbal comes fully assembled. We include these pieces to provide an equipment ready to run.

  • Cameras compatible with Micro Gimbal:



Others camera, consult:




Micro Gimbal works with 11,1 or 12 volts and consumes less than one ampere


Our initial idea, to make this equipment is to be flexible to the needs of each user.


Therefore the battery is not part of the design equipment. The battery is something necessary for its operation, but not necessary condition where it belongs. With this concept, we also avoid that the useful life of the battery go together to go the gimbal.

Next present a couple of options to power the equipment.


  • External lithium battery 11,1 volts. This option is ideal for bicycle, especially because they are very light and anchored anywhere flanged or Velcro. It also allows the gimbal mount in a harness or to vary its position site as long as the battery accompany him somewhere nearby, or with any extension cable.





  • It owns a motorcycle battery 12 volt lead is perfect to power the equipment. There is only that which we can draw two cables to the gimbal


If you want to use a lithium battery, you will also need a specific charger.

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