UAVIEW Inspection Drone

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UAVIEW Inspection Drone



UAVIEW, is our new inspection drone, surrounded by a 360° cage, it has been designed to analyze industrial environments. Thanks to its fineness, it allows to study even the narrowest places. Developed on a honeycomb structure, similar to the geometric shape of a dodecahedron, the cage is small, with a diameter of 30 cm, which allows it to travel where the remote pilot wishes, and this, very easily and safely. In addition, the fact that the drone is surrounded by a cage allows UAVIEW to touch the walls while maintaining impact resistance. In other words, UAVIEW makes it possible to inspect the interior of nuclear power plants, pipelines, pipelines, and other places where human risks are avoided, such as structures that have been weakened by damage. UAVIEW for a company is a saving of time, money and a reduction of human risk.



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