JIYI P2 Pro Flight Controller + osd


JIYI P2 Pro Flight Controller + osd

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JIYI P2 Pro Flight Controller


  • Multi-Rotor supported Quad-rotor I4, X4 / Hex-rotor I6, X6, IY6, Y6 / Oct-rotor I8, X8, V8, max 1200mm wheelbase
  • Max channel supported 8 channels
  • ESC supported PWM ESC with output lower than 490HZ
  • Recommend Transmitter SBUS
  • Receiver supported SBUS, PPM and PWM, min. 6 channels
  • Working power 2 - 6S
  • Power consumption < 2W
  • Working temperature 0 - 60℃
  • Storage temperature -40 - 60℃

Flight Performance

  • Hovering Accuracy
    (GPS Mode)
    Horizontal: ±2.0m
    Vertical: ±0.8m
  • Max Tilt Angle 30 degree
  • Max Yaw Angular Velocity 150 degree/s
  • Ascent/Descent 6m/s
  • Wind Resistance Sustained wind: level 3
    Gust wind:level 4
  • Flight Function Stable mode (Attitude mode), GPS mode
    Intelligent Orientation Control Mode
    Fail safe, Low Voltage Protection
    One key take off, Click and fly,
    Smart circle flying, Skyway flight
    Remote/Cell phone adjustment

Hardware specifications

  • Weight Flight Controller:36g
    GPS module:45g
    USB light module:7g
    Power/LED module:11g
  • Size Flight Controller:55.0mm*38.00mm*17.0mm
    GPS module:64.50mm(diameter)*11.50mm


appz : http://www.jiyiuav.com/en/content-188.html?siteid=2

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