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The AT 4-switch is a very tiny four way analog switch, controlled through a PWM signal from any RC receiver.

The switch behaviour is effectively identical to a mechanical 4-way switch:

- It is bidirectional: it can be used to select between two signals to a single output, or to forward one signal to two different outputs.

- It can handle up to 400mA on each of the four switches.

- It can transmit signals up to 18MHz, which includes PPM, PWM, and audio signals.

Even if it can be used in many different applications, it was developed for using two totally independent, redundant, RC systems (even working in two different bands, like UHF and 2.4GHz). This allows an ultra-reliable master and slave setup, with the Master Pilot capable of regaining the control just flipping the transmitter switch associated to the AT 4-Switch.

This allows two pilots to be able to control the aircraft at any time (as an example, a FPV pilot and a LoS pilot), and it's also ideal for training purposes, without the mess of traditional trainer systems, where the two transmitters must be connected through the cable, and share a single RC link.

The four switches are used as double input, single output, selecting which of the two RC receivers is used, and then using one of the switches to select the PPM signal to the Flight Controller from receiver A or receiver B, another switch for the landing gear channel, and the other two switches for the camera gimbal controls.

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