Amplificador de señal de 2.4 para DJI Phantom

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Amplificador de señal de 2.4 para DJI Phantom

2.4G Radio Signal Booster Amplifier For DJI Phantom Transmitter FPV Extend Range

- Custom made 2.4G radio signal amplifier, especially designed for long range application like FPV.
- High speed receiving and transmitting auto-switching circuit, can switching between receiving and transmitting modes automatically.
- With the increasing on-board wireless electronic devices like FPV application, the interference between different devices also getting more and more severe, and the radio system range and reliability also greatly affected, this amplifier is just designed to increase the range and reliability of your radio system.

- Transmitting gain: 11dB ±1.5dB
- Receiving figure: ≤3.0dB;
- Input power range: 4dBm-20dBm
- Peak power: 33dBm;  2W (input power plus amplifier power)
- Working voltage: 5V-15V
- Working current: ≤400ma
- Indicateor light: blue
- Input port: RP-SMA
- Output port: SMA


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