New Skywalker X6 Flying Wing


New Skywalker X6 Flying Wing

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New Skywalker X6 Flying Wing


Wing span: 1500mm

Wing area: 60dm2

weight: 770g without devices installed

fuselage length:680mm ,width:140mm

If you are looking for a perfect FPV platform with long flying time, long flying range, at the same time, small size, easy to take and e launch with the preparing time in just one minute, then the latest Skywalker x6 is your best choice.

The Skywalker designers have made the x6 as light as possible without losing strength at the meantime, only 1.5m wingspan but with 60dm2 wing area, which will make the x6 can take large payload or battery easily.

  • Wing span: 1500mm
  • Wing area: 60dm2
  • Weight: 770g without devices installed
  • Fuselage length: 680mm, width:140mm
  • Takeoff weight: under 2kg
  • Center of Gravity: 390-400mm away from the nose.



Recommended Parts:

  • motor:2814 kv980/3815 kv1000
  • esc:60a 
  • servos:GWS 17g
  • propeller:10 inch/ 9x5f
  • battery:2x3s 2200mah/4s 4000mah


Note: According to regulations from airlines, liquids are not allowed to air freight, therefore, the aircraft will not include the glue.

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