Drone Technical Inspection Spark

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Drone Technical Inspection Spark

Have you already enjoyed your Spark flights? Do you already have more than 50 flight hours?

The DJI Maintenance Service will not only rejuvenate your Drone, but also eliminate potential safety risks, keeping you in optimal flight conditions.

Available for Spark series, including deep cleaning, flight tests, video and calibration.

The official Maintenance Service will not only rejuvenate your Drone, but also eliminate possible security risks, keeping you in optimal flight condition

This service includes the collection and free delivery of the equipment. Once you have purchased this service, we will contact you.

ITD: Drones Technical Inspection

According to the current regulations of AESA (Article 50, 3.d.5 and 50.6) and as indicated in Appendix H, it is necessary that all remotely piloted aircraft have a periodic review within the periods recommended by the manufacturer and at most every 12 months.

The maintenance service of the equipment consists of:

1. Technical review of workshop where the status is checked:

Chassis and structure
Optical positioning system
Battery (only DJI smart batteries where only the state of the charges and the elements are checked)
Updates and configurations
Calibration of transmitter, voltage and emission quality

2. Test Flight consists of checking the equipment in flight:

Video verification
Telemetry check
Radio control communication
Flight modes
RTH (Return home automatic)
GPS position maintenance

A sealed report of the detailed maintenance of the equipment is issued.

* You will have to select in the form of shipment with the purchase of this article "
Codes and drone maintenance" and you will be sent an excel file that you will have to resend filled out.

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