QUICK RELEASE propeller guard (Phantom 1/2/3)

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QUICK RELEASE propeller guard (Phantom 1/2/3)



Phantom V1, 2, 3 and Vision, Vision+ Prop Guard Quick release mount. A must have for all Phantom multirotor pilots. made by a light colored plastic, with negligible weight. Easy on, easy off; now it's simple to take on and off the Phantom prop guards. No longer do you have to undo a bunch of screws to remove the guards and place in the case.


To install, attach the stock DJI prop guards (not included) to the 4 adapters by using the M3X10mm screws. (Note: do not overtighten; snugged down is enough).

Slip the adapters over the end of the arm ensuring the two locator pins seat into the two long hollow screw tunnels located under the motor arm.

To remove, press down by the two locator pins and simultaneously slide the Adapter off the arm.



Prop guards are NOT included. This is for the 4 quick disconnect parts and screws.

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