Spyder6 pancake conversion set [SKH01-012]


Spyder6 pancake conversion set [SKH01-012]

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Spyder6 pancake conversion set [SKH01-012]

Sky Hero SPYDER6 Pancake Motor Conversion Kit

Designed by Sky Hero to optimize payload capacity, the Sky Hero Pancake Motor Conversion Kit provides the capability to use "pancake style" motors, which can generate much larger levels of torque, allowing the usage of larger propellers for greater lift.

This kit allows the usage of (2) pancake style motors per arms for maximum levels of power & torque, optimizing the capability of your Sky Hero platform with a (1) or (2) motor option per motor mount.

With greater torque and larger propellers, large increases in lift can be achieved, allowing your Sky Hero multi rotor to achieve much higher levels of payload, expanding the options when it comes to the flight envelope.


(12) Motor Halves


Sky Hero SPYDER6


Sky Hero notes a "smoke" color scheme with these parts, but please be aware the color is closer to an olive green.

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