5.8G No Limited Channel Receiver with Color Touch Screen Compatible All Transmitter 8CH 32CH 40CH

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5.8G No Limited Channel Receiver with Color Touch Screen Compatible All Transmitter 8CH 32CH 40CH

Item Name: Receiver Combo
Voltage: 7-27V,2-6S
Frequency: 5645MHZ-5945MHZ
Current: 12V-120mA
Working Temp.: -20℃-45℃
Sensitive: -93dB
Antenna Resistance: 50Ω
Video Format: NTSC/PAL Auto
Video Resistance: 75Ω
5645MHZ-5945MHZ, Steping with 10MHz or 1MHz ,compatible with all transmitter such as 8CH 32CH 40CH etc
The first receiver can display the transmitting frequency, more convenience when binding.
Anti- inteference, can show you the FPV signal distribution, strength and inteference.
The first one with color touch screen. Adopt 2.4 inch color touch screen, beautiful and convenience.
Signal Strength displayed by 0%-100%. Can test the antenna angle and its gain strength(can use it to compare 2 different antennas)
Auto switch image. Can be used 8 receivers in combined matrix, 8 antennas receive the image at same time, auto switch the signal to get the strongest image. Make sure no missing image.
Measured with 600mW 2dB antenna, the distance can be up to 3km-5km in open area. With 14dB, can be up to 10km
Can be upgraded with USB, and adjustable(Do Not move configuration files in it. Do not change the setting by yourself.  )
Humanization Design, adopt radian design on shell, can match the tripod, easy to fixed it.
Single TX& Multi RX:
Can use one VTX, and multi CT580 receiver in series. Use different strength antennas, to adjust them in same receiving frequency. The receiver can auto switch for better signal, to avoid missing image
Multi TX& Multi RX:
Can use multi VTX and camera, and bind with multi CT580 receiver separately. Adjust them in same frequency, can receive the image at the same time, to avoid the inteference.
Searching Loss Drone:
Install the directional antenna on CT580, to check which direction has stronger signal with screen, and find the drone. As long as the video signal is on, the drone can be found.
Package Included:(antenna not included)
1 x Receiver
1 x Power Cable
1 x USB
2 x AV Cable
Note :
  • The AV In of the receiver is for daisy chain (cascade connection) with another receiver. Do not connect the AV IN and AV OUT together of the same video receiver itself.
  • The AV In of CT580 is for daisy chain only. It cannot take video signal for any other video source.

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