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RR SHARK multiplex

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RR SHARK multiplex

SHARK - the FUN flyer!


As inventors of the world-famous EasyStar, we decided that our next aeroplane would be a modern, user-friendly design which would guarantee a one hundred percent FUN factor. We wanted to create a model which could grow as the owner’s skills developed, and would never become boring.


The outcome is something very special - the MULTIPLEX SHARK!


The SHARK looks terrific in its unusual colour scheme, and it flies fantastically well. In its standard form the model is controlled using rudder and elevator, but it is prepared for the aileron option. With the recommend Li-BATT FX 3/1-950 flight battery a minimum flying time of 10 min is possible!


It takes just a few moments to fit an undercarriage to the aeroplane, and with a further “click” it is transformed into a float-plane which provides loads of fun - on snow as well as water. We think every MULTIPLEX SHARK owner should have this optional accessory. And for the aesthetically demanding modeller we can supply a stylish protective landing skid.

When all the flying fun’s over, the SHARK can very easily be dismantled and packed back into the original carton. Highly practical!


• Benign flying qualities, ideal for the beginner; very robust construction

• Powerful brushless motor

• Clear canopy with racing-style pilot

• Wide range of optional upgrades (protective landing skid, undercarriage, floats, aileron upgrade, MULTIlight)

• Original carton doubles as transport box


Kit contents RR:

ELAPOR® model, 100% factory-assembled, including PERMAX BL-O 2816-1450 electric motor, MULTIcont BL-12 SD speed controller, 5.5 x 4.5" propeller, two MS-12015 servos, painted finish, decals already applied, comprehensive instructions.

Further Informations


Wingspan: 1070 mm
Overall length: 870 mm
All-up weight: 500 g
Total surface area: 19,5 dm²
Wing loading: 26 g/dm²
Channels: 3-5
RC Functions: rudder, elevator, motor, optional aileron
Flight time: ca. 10 min (3S ~950Ah)


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