RR EasyGlider PRO electric


RR EasyGlider PRO electric

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RR EasyGlider PRO electric

A docile, robust beginner’s model, and a fun model for the advanced pilot, with a great performance in its class. Also a popular model for club contests. The PRO-electric version is now also available in RR form.

Set contents:
ARTF model with the following components installed:
- Motor: PERMAX BL-O 2816-0850F
- Speed controller: BL-20 S-BEC
- Spinner, propeller driver, folding 9 x 6” propeller
- Two Nano-S servos
- Two Tiny-S servos
- Cable set installed in wings and fuselage
Also supplied:
- Multi-colour decal sheet
- Multi-lingual illustrated instructions

Remaining work:
Attach prepared tailplane and fin to the fuselage, connect prepared pushrods (horns and swivel pushrod connectors already fitted), apply decals. Install receiver and flight battery (not included).

  • Versatile: superb gliding characteristics, capable of simple aerobatics (loops, rolls, inverted, stall-turns …)
  • The model’s low cruise speed makes it easy to circle up in
  • thermals Powerful, efficient brushless motor, factory-fitted with an S-BEC speed controller, for brisk climbs and extended flight times.
  • Option to add up to 350 g ballast for better penetration and higher cruise speed (e.g. at the slope or in windy conditions)
  • ELAPOR® construction for a very robust airframe
  • High level of pre-fabrication: install tailplane and fin, apply decals, fit receiver - and go fly!
  • Folding propeller with elegant plastic spinner
  • Both ailerons can be raised to act as landing aid
  • Two-part detachable wings for ease of transport
  • Simple method of connecting the aileron servos when rigging the model
  • Plenty of space in the forward fuselage allows the use of different sizes of flight battery
  • Convenient battery swap through the canopy

Further Informations


Wingspan: 1800 mm
Overall length: 1130 mm
All-up weight: 900 - 980 g
Wing area: 41.6 dm²
Wing loading: approx. 22 g/dm²
Wing loading with 350 g ballast : approx. 30 g/dm²
RC functions: aileron, elevator, rudder, throttle


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