Multiplex KC Mentor

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Avion Multiplex KC Mentor

The ELAPOR® trainer and tug - starts at the press of a button!
The perfect all-rounder

The "forty-size” trainer (for a .40 (6.5 cc) glow motor) is still the world’s most popular type of model aircraft. The MENTOR fits neatly into this class, but there is one major difference: with its modern brushless electric motor system there are no starting problems, and it is always quiet and clean! The ailerons are operated by two servos for better control precision. The robust aluminium "tail-dragger” undercarriage offers generous ground clearance, making it possible to take off without difficulty even from imperfect grass runways. The steerable tailwheel ensures accurate manoeuvring ability on the ground.

MENTOR - the ideal first step in powered flying - with long flight times for effective trainer mode operations, too. Install a modern brushless motor and a high-performance LiPo battery, and the model is capable of towing gliders up to about 3 metres in span. MENTOR and CULARIS – they make a fantastic team.

Kit contents:
Moulded ELAPOR® parts, strong CFRP spar, many plastic parts, small items, linkage components, steerable tailwheel unit, aluminium main undercarriage, wheels, decal sheet, comprehensive illustrated instructions.

Additionally required:
Powerset „Mentor“ Li-BATT powered # 33 3663 / Powerset „Mentor“ TUNING Li-BATT powered # 33 3664, 2x Servo HS-430 BH # 11 4430, 3x Servo Tiny-MG # 6 5122, Receiver RX-6-DR M-LINK # 5 5809 / RX-7-DR M-LINK # 5 5811

  • Reliable flying characteristics
  • Safe ground take-off, convincing climb rate and plenty of power for simple aerobatics - all with the recommended power system (Power set # 33 2632).
  • Two-part wing with carbon spar joiner, removable for transport
  • Low minimum airspeed for ultra-safe landings
  • Removable cowl with quick-release latch for simple battery swap
  • Can be finished using any standard spray-can paints after prior treatment with MULTIprimer # 60 2700
  • Pre-fabricated moulded ELAPOR® parts

Further Informations


Wingspan: 1630 mm
Overall fuselage: length 1170 mm
All-up weight: ca. 2000 g
Total surface area: 45 dm²
Wing loading: min. 44,5 g/dm²
Functions: Aileron, elevator, rudder, throttle
Option: Aero-tow release


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