Eagleye Alloy Transmitter 5.8GHz 600mW 32 Channels

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Eagleye Alloy Transmitter 5.8GHz 600mW 32 Channels

This is a new designed Transmitter works on 5.8GHz full band 32 channels. It is whole alloy cased and the heat-sinking is very effictive. Works on 2S to 6S wide voltage. LED Digital Read-out and very simply operation.

 Alloy Transmitter AT32H Fetures:
* The button automatically locked in case of mistake hangling. 
* The Power-amplier protection fuction to reduce the chances if no antenna on the Tx when power ON.
* Built-in high quality Audio processor
* The transmitter comes with high quality mushroom antenna to ensure the great performance

* Transmission Frequency: 5.8GHz
* Working Channels: 32CH
* Output Power: 600mW
* LED digital read-out for channels display
* A-button operation, very simply use

Why you need the Alloy Transmitter?

The harmless if the temperature is excess: if the temperature rise of 20 degrees, the transmission power will reduce the > = 100mW.



If there is no good heat dissipation, the power will be highly reduce. 

Why Alloy?


Alloy shell design and function

* Thermal silica and alloy to replace air cooling capacity doubled
* Cooling area doubled
* Alloy casing completely absorbed heat transfer map
* Alloy shell can protect important components
* Alloy casing can shield interference

Fetures ONE of Alloy Transmitter:
* 32 Channels 5.8GHz 600mW 
* 2S ~ 6S wide range voltage 
* A-button operation, simple use
* LED digital-read for channels change

Fetures TWO of Alloy Transmitter:

1) Button automatically locked to prevent misuse
When the aircrafts crashed, if you accidentally hit the key figure pass the object will change the frequency, causing the receiver can not receive the image transmission signal. There are key lock function, can effectively prevent this happening.

2)Amplifier protection against burn image transmission antenna off
Many figure will pass because there is no antenna burned. But in the course, the antenna will inevitably loose the case, resulting in image transmission burned. This feature greatly reduces the incidence of burn image transmission case.

3) High-quality built-in audio processing
Audio circuit using a dedicated amplifier IC, to restore the best sound quality, real-time monitoring of aircraft operating conditions.

4) Configuration of high-quality mushrooms antenna
Avoid due to poor antenna quality, impact the case of FIG pass performance.




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