Frame Theory X 195 Kit

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Frame Theory X 195 Kit

The Blade® Theory™ X Frame Kits are designed for durability, simplicity, and speed. Constructed exclusively for racing, the assembled kit containing composite plates, and all recommended equipment has a flying weight of only 400-450g. The airframe features multiple motor mounting holes to fit a variety of motors and the cover plate includes cutouts for a variety of connectors and video transmitter as well as the XT-60. The camera mount is highly adjustable and can angle from 45 to 90 degrees. Advanced FPV pilots and those experienced in building quadcopters from scratch, will appreciate the compact design featuring enough room for all electronics and a GoPro camera. Its true X design provides an excellent feel in the air with more agility, the opportunity to hit top speeds, and the ability to reach the finish line first.

Theory X 170 (4”) Advantages
The advantages to using a smaller, 4” propeller racer is agility. A smaller profile means you can turn and corner much faster around flags and gates in a race, a significant advantage over other sizes in a tighter, more technical race course.

Theory X 220 (6”) Advantages
The larger profile of this frame is built to host 6” propellers which produce much more thrust than 4” and 5” setups. While not as agile in corners as the 4”, this setup will blaze past the competition in the straightaways with a much higher top speed.

Theory X

Simplicity in Design
The compact frame design is open enough to place electronics easily within a condensed profile.

Easy Mounting
The frame has multiple motor mounting holes to fit a variety of motors with 16-19mm motor mount support.

Designed for Video
The ingenious top stack was designed to hold a GoPro Hero 3 or 4 with a single strap allowing you to have a race airframe with the ability to run an HD camera.

Race Your Way
The simple FPV camera mount allows for angles up to 90 degrees allowing you to choose just how fast you want to go.

Exceptional Durability
Composite airframe featuring a solid 4mm main plate provides exceptional durability while maintaining a lightweight profile

Theory X 195 Theory X


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