Set Predator V.2 RTF FPV, Rx 5.8Ghz, Camara, Tx 25 Mw

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Set Predator V.2 RTF FPV, Rx 5.8Ghz, Camara, Tx 25 Mw

Fat Shark is proud to introduce the easiest and best value RTF FPV system available, the Predator V2. The Predator V2 delivers a rewarding FPV experience for everyone at an affordable price. We have included a new high power 25mW 5.8 GHz A/V transmitter and a wide angle CMOS camera for simple fixed camera video piloting.  The Predator V2 addresses the needs of the first time FPV pilot by pre-wiring and testing the camera, transmitter and power supply adapter as a complete system giving you a true RTF out of the box and plug/play with your RC vehicle.  As a result of our diligent testing and years of continuous product improvement, the Predator V2 has incorporated Fat Sharks latest technology giving you the security of a solid video link and an amazing 1+ kilometer range right out of the box.


* Fat Shark is not compatible with Chinese brand transmitters.  Fat Shark can only guarantee compatibility with Fat Shark and ImmersionRC transmitters.


Predator V2 RTF FPV kit includes:

-       Predator VGA headset with integrated 5G8 receiver (no head tracking).

-       Zipper carry case, lens cleaning cloth, Fat Shark stickers

-       NTSC/PAL selectable CMOS camera 600 tvl with 2.5mm wide angle (100 degree FOV) lens

-       25mW, 7ch 5G8 transmitter

-       Filtered balance lead TX power supply

-       AV cable (for connected to external AV devices viewing/recording)

-       2X 5G8  antenna (transmitter and headset)

-       1000mAh 7V4 battery pack with RC discharge adapter (charged via standard RC chargers)

-       Manual

Download Manual

Download Datasheet

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