Multiplex BK Blizzard


Multiplex BK Blizzard

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Multiplex BK Blizzard

Fun, speed - and super-cool!

A high-performance hot-line model exploiting ELAPOR® technology. Modern brushless motors in conjunction with high-performance LiPo batteries provide the power for vertical hand-launches with either of the recommended power systems. Breath-taking high-speed passes - especially with the upgrade power system - and a superb glide angle thanks to the MPX wing airfoil, with a thickness of only 8.9%. Neither is the model a slouch when it comes to thermalling - the BLIZZARD’s low all-up weight and carefully optimised aerodynamic layout enable the machine to keep up with many a conventional "fl oater”. The aeroplane has great aerobatic potential, but is nevertheless easy to land slowly - "like a feather” - if the braking system (both ailerons raised) is used. At the slope you can really let the BLIZZARD tear up the sky in good lift. The wings feature two CFRP spars and four supplementary spar caps which endow the structure with great torsional rigidity and bending strength, while the fuselage features GRP longerons and a large number of innovative plastic parts. The net result is a highly practical aeroplane for everyday flying.

Kit contents:
Moulded ELAPOR® parts, CFRP spars, GRP spar caps and longerons, all plastic parts required to assemble the model, small items, linkage components, decal sheet, comprehensive illustrated instructions.

  • Low sinking speed, good glide angle
  • Kit includes supplementary "glider nose-cone” with aero-tow option
  • Landing aid - both ailerons raised
  • Can be fi nished using any standard spray-can paints after prior treatment with MULTIprimer # 60 2700
  • Pre-fabricated moulded ELAPOR® parts
  • High-quality plastic components
  • Aileron servos connect automatically when the wings are attached to the fuselage
  • Optional second elevator servo for supplementary rudder function


Wingspan: 1380 mm
Overall length: 910 mm
All-up weight: min 775 g (glider) / 975 g (electric)
Wing loading: 19,4 dm²
Wing loading (FAI): approx. 40 g/dm² (S)/ 50 g/dm² (E)
Functions: Aileron, elevator (optional rudder), throttle, spoilers (both ailerons raised


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