DJI Mini 2 Industrial Inspection Protection Box (with LED)

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DJI Mini 2 Industrial Inspection Protection Box (with LED)


Our DJI Mini 2 360° industrial inspection cage, anti-collision confined space has been designed with the aim of revolutionising the world of industrial inspection. Mainly made of carbon and structured in the form of a honeycomb, it will allow you to fly while maintaining lightness, comfort, resistance and also tolerance to collisions.

Developed on a single axis at 360°, it will allow you not to alter the performance of the drone in action and therefore to tame the walls thanks to its shape.

To enhance your experience, the video feedback will allow you first to verify and specify your research at the same time as the flight, but also to guide the remote pilot effectively. Finally, of course, it will allow you to get a better concentration for a better experience.

Does not include drone.

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