Kit DJI F450 V3 New Version ARF+ DJI NAZA V2(GPS) + iOSD mini+BT

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Kit DJI F450 V3 New version ARF+ DJI NAZA V2(GPS) + iOSD mini+BT


  • Kit DJI F450 ARF+ DJI NAZA V2(GPS) + iOSD mini+BT

E305 Tuned Propulsion System

Finely customized and painstakingly engineered, the E305 Tuned Propulsion System is specifically
designed for multirotor copters weighing 2.2-5.5 pounds (1-2.5 kg). Combining increases in efficiency with proven, classic components,
the E305 system provides maneuverability, stability, and efficiency in a highly cost-effective package.

Next Generation Motor

Built with improved manufacturing techniques, the brand new 2312E motor represents a significant
upgrade over the previous 2312 model. The optimized electro-magnetic system boosts efficiency
by nearly 7% and lowers cogging torque, which provides noticeably smoother performance at low RPMs.
A newly designed motor base not only provides better heat dissipation, but also a more advanced, hi-tech look.

420 LITE ESC – Tried and Tested

The 420 LITE ESC utilizes the tried and tested square-wave drive architecture,
further perfected by DJI engineers. Based on this classic design, the 420 LITE provides simplified functions in a much smaller and
lighter package than the E310. Internally, an efficient and responsive algorithm is hard at work to provide your platform
with a level of maneuverability and stability that belies its size.

Z-Blade 9450 Propellers

Another masterpiece by DJI Propulsion Laboratory. Aerodynamically
optimized and precisely manufactured, the Z-Blade 9450 propellers produce
powerful thrust with excellent dynamic balance. These reliable blades easily
handle your FPV and other payloads while keeping your platform stable and virtually
vibration-free, helping reduce the chance of jello or other unwanted effects.


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