Wireless Amplifier for 5.8G Transmitter (5700MHz - 5900MHz)

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Wireless Amplifier for 5.8G Transmitter (5700MHz - 5900MHz)

PA5801 amplifies the image wireless transmission of 5.8G devices to increase the video imaging range of the transmitter.

With the PA5801, the image wireless transmission range can go up to 1 KM.

The Walkera PA5801 can work on 5.8G devices such as TX5803 and 5804.

User notice

When connecting the electricity wire to the Walkera PA5801 power connector, please do not reverse the positive (+) and negative (-) polarity. Wrong connection attempt may result in power failure, causing damage to the PA5801 device.

Users may follow the diagram in the image holder above to connect the Walkera transmitter to PA5801.

Walkera PA5801 Specifications

Frequency: 5.8G Channel (5700MHz - 5900MHz)
Voltage: 6.5V - 15V
Input Power: ≥+5dbm
Weight: 48g
RF Output Power: 1500mW - 2000mW
Working Current: 800 - 1000mA (Input voltage: 8.4V)


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