Futaba T10J-R3008SB 2,4 GHz T-FHSS

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Futaba T10J-R3008SB 2,4 GHz T-FHSS

T10J-R3008SB 2,4 GHz T-FHSS

Fully expanded ten-channel hand-held transmitter with integral telemetry function, exploiting 2.4 GHz T-FHSS® frequency-hopping technology.

The ideal system for advanced pilots who wish to control fixed-wing model aircraft, helicopters and multi-copters, and appreciate the sensation of accurate control.
With its extremely comprehensive range of functions, the T10J can cope effortlessly with very demanding applications. In terms of programmable features there is virtually nothing it cannot do. The ergonomically efficient transmitter case is made to the usual high Futaba standards, lies comfortably in the hands, and is designed to allow all controls to be reached easily.
The backlit LCD screen provides 128 x 64 dots, and its large pixel size ensures good legibility in all lighting conditions.
The graphic user interface, with the renowned, simple Futaba menu structure, makes the unit very simple to operate. The menu structure can be displayed in any of seven languages. The 3D hot-key system is intuitive in operation, providing fast and simple navigation through the menu structure and easy adjustment of all parameters.


  • T-FHSS® 2.4 GHz technology
  • High-speed Frequency Hopping modulation (100 x per second) for good interference rejection
  • Future-proof (already conforms to the new EU norm for 2015)
  • Integral 32-channel long-range telemetry system
  • Real-time telemetry display on large screen
  • Speech output via optional earphone with 3.5 mm barrel connector
  • Melody and sound output (optionally via internal beeper or optional earphone)
  • Vibration alarm
  • Large 65 x 34 mm backlit screen (128 x 64 dots)
  • S-BUS technology for fully digital inclusion of S.BUS servos, S.BUS speed controllers and S.BUS sensors
  • S.BUS support makes it ideal for model helicopters with S.BUS flybarless systems
  • Integral patch aerial for optimum signal radiation at all times
  • Fully expanded ten-channel transmitter with 19 controls
  • Accurate, slop-free sticks with Open-Stick mechanism
  • The stick units are of universal design (Modes 1 and 2), and can be converted by the user.
  • Supplied with high-power NiMH battery - ten hours operating time - and battery charger.

    Gewicht ca.: 740
    Gesamtflächeninhalt ca.: 740
    Kanalraster: 1500
    Erhaltungsladung: 1500
    Frequenzkanäle: 30
    Hauptrotordurchmesser ca.: 185




  • 1 T10J 2.4 GHz T/S-FHSS transmitter
  • 1 R3008SB 2.4 GHz T-FHSS receiver
  • 1 5NiMH 2000 mAh transmitter battery
  • 1 Tx-Rx 150 mA plug-type charger
  • 1 Switch harness with charge socket
  • 1 Operating instructions, German

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