Naza-H BEC Module

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This independent BEC module, with a wide voltage input (11V-52V) and a variable voltage output (5.8V, 7.4V) can power not only the main controller, but also the servos and receiver. Users can change the output voltage according to their servos, and stable output current is provided without an extra battery pack. The use of the BEC makes the aircraft lighter and the voltage more stable, plus less batteries to worry about.


If the user is using the the DJI BEC, DJI Naza-H main controller will detect Servo voltage and power voltage real-time. The user safe voltage can be set according to the demand of security, when the voltage drops below the setted voltage, the DJI Naza-H Main controller Alerts via LED lights.




Size(mm).............. 39 x 27.5 x 12.7
Weight(g).............. 37
Input Voltage (V).... 11 - 52
Consumption (W).....

 • 7.4V: 0.25 (10mA@25V)

 • 5.8V: 0.375 (15mA@25V)

Specified Output (W).

 • 37(5A@7.4V)
 • 29(5A@5.8V)


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