Osmo Action Extension Rod

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Osmo Action Extension Rod

  • Wider field of view and up to 90° tilt for more recording possibilities.
  • Integrated clamp to control the Osmo Action with your phone.
  • Can also be used as a selfie stick.


General Description

The Osmo Action extendable arm can reach a maximum length of 908 mm, allowing you to shoot from more angles. The universal interface on the top is compatible with other action cameras and has an adjustable tilt up to 90°. The integrated phone clamp is handy for switching and rotating your phone for more recording angles, and even allows you to control the DJI Action 2 or Osmo Action to take photos, record video and switch between front and rear screens. The standard 1/4" hole in the base can be connected to a tripod. You can also install the phone clamp on the top of the device to use it as a selfie stick.

Outstanding features

Wider field of view and adjustable tilt up to 90° for increased recording possibilities.

Integrated phone clamp to control the DJI Action 2 or Osmo Action remotely with your phone.

Can also be used as a selfie stick.


It is necessary to rotate the extendable arm to lock it before use.

Carefully clean and dry the extendable arm if it is exposed to water or other external elements, as this may affect its performance.

Package Contents

Osmo Action Extendable Arm × 1

Locking screw × 2

Phone clamp × 1

Strap × 1


Osmo Action Extendable Arm

Dimensions (folded): 241 × 52 × 72 mm

Dimensions (unfolded): 908 × 52× 72 mm

Weight: 236.5 g


Osmo Action

DJI Action 2

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