Zenmuse Z15 3-axis Gimbal Profesional for 5D MARK III(HD)

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Zenmuse Z15 3-axis Gimbal Profesional para 5D MARK III(HD)

Zenmuse Z15-5D Features

  • Another Evolutionary 3-Axis Professional Gimbal
  • Customized Gimbal Design For The Canon 5D Mark III/ 5D Mark II
  • Multiple Control Modes
  • 3-Axis Rotation Control
  • Built-In Independent Imu Module And Infrared Module
  • Gimbal Servo Drive Module
  • A Total Solution
  • Another Evolutionary 3-Axis Professional Gimbal

    The DJI Zenmuse Z15-5D Gimbal, based on the technology of the Zenmuse Z15 series gimbal, inherited its predominant strength/weight ratio because of its unique structural design. This release marks another breakthrough in gimbal systems and the precision range of the control angle is within ±0.02°. When used with DJI A2 professional flight controller and an Octo-copter, it will remain stable and precisely with the highest level of stability in controlling any camera equipment even if the aircraft is in strong wind or at high speed. Undeniably, it is the top choice in professional filming or aerial photography.
  • A Total Solution

    The Zenmuse Z15-5D Gimbal system is a perfect match to the DJI Spreading Wings S1000 Octo-copter flight platform and other DJI products such as the A2 and WooKong-M flight controllers for multi-rotor. Combined with the iOSD Mark II and the 5.8G video link, all together make up DJI’s Total Solution, which allowing you to enjoy a convenient, professional and complete aerial photography experience.
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