Drone Parachute Rescue System (DPRS)

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Drone Parachute Rescue System (DPRS)

Designed for any system for the recovery of drones or aircraft, etc., ...

It seems like every day there is a new video of someone’s expensive quadcopter falling out of the sky for no reason. The risks of each crash are substantial. Property, people, and the quadcopter are all at risk. You can probably imagine the costs of repairing a car’s paint job or paying someone’s medical bills. We’re not saying that a recovery system can completely remove these risks, but we believe that having one can help reduce the total damage by a substantial amount (sort of like an airbag in a car.) We also believe that the continued and widely publicized failures that occur will eventually lead to even more regulation than currently enacted, creating even more barriers for substantial progress in this industry.

The most effective aerial protection system around.

Simple to Install.

Simple two cable interface and mounting makes installing .

1- failure of any engine or propeller loss, in this case the team may suffer a tilt or turn around, in case if:
1-1 ROLL  / PITCH : > 60 degrees - the parachute or another servo system is On

2- battery failure or engine cut, which the computer is dropped vertical speed
2-1 vertical speed:> 8m / s - the parachute or another servo system is On

3- manual activation by a free channel

Power 5V



parachute not incluid

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