DATA LINK 2.4Ghz+Activation 50 wp

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DATA LINK 2.4Ghz+Activation 50 wp

This option Wookong-M allows the reception of telemetry on the screen of a PC (windows).

The telemetry includes:

- Visualization of the position of a multirotor Map / google

- Speed

- Cap

- Altitude

- Point GPS

- Level of Batteries

- Artificial Horizon

To run this option you must have a set Wookong-M

The WKM View consists of a box in Data Link 2.4 GHz or 900MHz as well as software to install on your PC

All products are guaranteed for 2 years DJI

WooKong-M View
  • Radio

    Dedicated radio system

    Two models of radio systems are available: 2.4GHz and 900MHz.

  • 3D Map

    3D Map

    Built-in Google 3D Map.With long range wireless data link module, View supplies real-time flight state and geographical information display.

  • Dash

    Flight Instrument Board

    Displays real-time attitude, speed, vertical speed, angle, altitude, throttle stick position, power voltage and so on. Let you know the flight state.


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