Frame for Spherical Panorama 720° w/ Protective Case Mount for Gopro Hero 3+/4 - For 6 GoPro

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Frame for Spherical Panorama  720° w/ Protective Case Mount for Gopro Hero 3+/4 - For 6 GoPro

The 360º Camera Mount System allows you to record and playback videos in every direction and is the perfect solution for making your own Tiny Planet videos.

The 360º  Camera Mount System  design allows you to position the camera system in any direction with no low point or blind spots to worry about. The 360º Camera Mount System  also allows you to capture everything around the mount, with zero obstructions. The camera mounting points have been specifically designed to be invisible to the camera view.

The 360º  Camera Mount System is manufactured from aircraft grade aluminum alloy making the mount one of the most durable 3D systems available. The 360º Camera Mount System  is the best solution for a 6 camera setup simply screw down the Hero3/Hero3+ cameras with the fittings provided, mount it and shoot!

• Ultra durable aluminum alloy construction
• Suits GoPro Hero 3 series cameras ( or similar, same size)
• Zero Low point and blind spots
• Mounting points invisible to camera view
• Perfect for making your own Tiny Planet videos

Frame Weight: 285g
Approximate Weight With Cameras: 754g
Material: Aluminum alloy
Color: Red (anodized)


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