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UgCS ENTERPRISE monthly subscription
by SPH Engineering

UgCS ENTERPRISE unlocks the full capability of UgCS, including all the features of UgCS PRO and EXPERT with the addition of UgCS ENTERPRISE exclusive features such as multi-node deployment and live video streaming.

It is designed for deployment on small and large scale companies employing drone pilots for various purposes such as infrastructure surveillance, security, law enforcement, aerial video monitoring, LiDAR data collection and other purposes. It is also used by professional drone pilots and search and rescue (SAR) teams who require video streaming.

Discover why UgCS ENTERPRISE is the top choice for small and large scale companies using drones.

    Up to 10 simultaneous drone connections
    Ability to run a centralized UgCS telemetry and video server and have pilots from the field connect over a VPN
    Live video streaming from UgCS for DJI to UgCS Video Player on Desktop
    Local video recording embedded metadata (geolocation, timestamp, vehicle ID and other)
    Video live streaming over RTSP to VMS (such as Luxriot, Milestone)
    Multiple SDK connections
    *ADS-B Transponder support

Features of UgCS ENTERPRISE for LiDAR surveys

    LiDAR Area and LiDAR Corridor tools
    IMU Calibration route pattern (figure eight)
    IMU Calibration actions (figure eight, U-turn/J-hook)
    LiDAR flight planning based on FOV value
    Adjustable corner radius for smooth cornering
    Loop turns for additional IMU calibration
    Adjustable LiDAR area buffer size

Other features of UgCS ENTERPRISE

    Plan flights with terrain following
    3D flight planning interface
    Offline maps (fly without internet connection)
    Photogrammetry, Vertical (Facade) scan, Corridor mapping, SAR, Linear, Circle, Waypoint, Perimeter, Area Scan flight planning tools
    Route import from KML/CSV data
    DEM/DSM elevation data import from .TIF format
    Preview flights with respect to terrain elevation profile
    Automatic telemetry recording
    Geo-referenced image import
    Create custom no-fly zones (NFZ)
    Custom map overlays
    ADS-B Receiver support
    Compatible with UgCS Mapper to process images and create map overlays. Discover »»»

Supported Drones

    UgCS supports most popular UAV platforms including DJI M300, M600, M2X0, Inspire, Phantom series, Mavic series; MAVLink-compatible drones (Pixhawk with ArduPilot/PX4). Discover UgCS supported drones and autopilots »»»

UgCS ENTERPRISE subscription

    Monthly subscription
    Includes Support & Updates
    Always have access to the newest version of UgCS
    Cancel any time - no cancellation fee!

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