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Advanced tethered UAS for military and public agencies

Designed for tactical operations

ORION 2, the latest generation of Elistair's tethered drone, is an automated, powerful and highly portable tethered UAS designed for continuous day and night aerial surveillance of large areas. Continuously powered through its Kevlar-reinforced micro-wing, ORION 2 is capable of operating for 24 hours straight at 100 metres altitude with a 2kg payload and extended detection ranges of up to 10 kilometres.

ORION 2 acts as a tactical push-button tower for day and night applications and is especially suitable for military operations,
special forces, law enforcement, public safety and private security entities.

ISR Specifications

Orion 2 payloads combine state-of-the-art gimbal stabilisation and sharp images with low latencies thanks to high-speed, interference-free data transfer from the micro camera.

Equipped with top-of-the-line industrial sensors, ORION 2 surveillance cameras are the ultimate solution for persistent intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance.

Capture and transmit actionable images. Detect, track and protect your assets.

Persistence Focused Security Architecture (PFSA)

Two-tier fail-safe design

Orion 2's internal structure is fully secured by a two-tier security architecture capable of withstanding any emergency situation. The system has double or triple redundancy at each level.

Intelligent backup battery

An intelligent backup battery ensures a power reserve in case of battery failure and enables a safe landing of the tethered drone. The battery is automatically charged in flight.

Reliable propulsion

The Orion 2's aerial persistence is based on very long-lived, user-swappable motors optimised for persistence. Hexacopter structure for redundancy and stability.

Automated deployment

ORION 2 is automated from take-off to landing using T-Planner mission software. For specific missions requiring flexibility, it can optionally be flown manually.

Intelligent parachute

Integrated into the airframe, the parachute deploys automatically as a last resort, providing protection for the aircraft, operators and any assets on the ground.

Secure data link

Continuous, uninterrupted communications via the Elistair Safe-T 2 micro-cord provides secure command and control. Transfer speeds of up to 200 mb/s mean the operator receives real-time information.

Designed for the Field

Low logistical impact

Ready to operate in minutes, Orion 2 can be deployed by a single operator who can detect a threat in an area of 300 square kilometres.


Rugged and weatherproof, with an IP54 rating, the ORION 2 UAS is designed to be deployed in harsh and inhospitable environments.


Modular with hot-swappable arms and legs, the complete system (drone and docking station) is stored in 2 reinforced mission cases.

Mission operation software

T-Planner : Updated version

Dedicated to ground operations, T-Planner is an intuitive but powerful interface that allows the operator to focus on his mission and not on the flight. All data is fully controlled by the user.

Enter the required altitude for the mission and Orion 2 will automatically take off and climb to the operating altitude. All safety procedures are automated.

T-Planner features digital stabilisation, an overlay map of the drone's location and camera POV. EO and IR images are transmitted simultaneously.

IP-based video stream access allows external sharing of video streams, such as transmission, processing, integration into third-party software and VMS, etc.

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