TILTA Camera Mount for Osmo Action

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General description

The TILTA camera mount is designed so that the Osmo Action can adapt to complex environments. Made of an aluminum alloy, it offers 360 ° protection for the Osmo Action. It also includes several standard M3 screw holes, for 1/4 ”screws, and a shoe for attaching more accessories such as a fill light, microphone, tripod, extension arm, and filter ring. Also, you can switch between landscape and portrait modes.
The TILTA camera mount for Osmo Action is easy to disassemble, install and change batteries. An accessible cable cover on the side of the mount allows you to charge the camera, connect a microphone, access the SD card slot, or connect a 3.5mm / USB-C adapter cable.
The inside of the mount is covered with velvet to better protect the camera. The heat-conducting silica gel inside the frame helps mitigate the heat from the camera when you work long and hard.

Remarkable features

A wide variety of functions to suit more recording scenarios.
Automatic switching between Portrait and Landscape modes.
Quick installation and disassembly.
Heat mitigation thanks to silica gel.


Please check if the camera mount is installed correctly before use.
Before using it, make sure the slider completely covers the circle in the reset position.
Do not remove the silica gel. If the silica gel is damaged, replace it immediately.
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Packaging content

Osmo Action Camera Mount × 1
Filter ring 52mm × 1
Filter ring screw M2.5 × 2
Universal motherboard converter for Osmo Action × 1
M2.5 hex screwdriver × 1
M3 hex screwdriver × 1
Heat conductive silica gel × 2


Mount for Osmo Action camera
Size: 76 × 33 × 56mm
Weight: 77.5 g
52mm filter ring
Size: 54 × 54 × 9.8mm
Weight: 17g
Filter ring screw M2.5
Size: 2.5 × 6mm
Weight: 1.5g
Universal motherboard converter for Osmo Action
Size: 24 × 20 × 14mm
Weight: 6g
M2.5 hexagonal screwdriver
Size: 2.5 × 50mm
Weight: 1.5g
M3 hex screwdriver
Size: 3 × 53mm
Weight: 2.5g
Heat conductive silica gel
Size: 24 × 6 × 2mm
Weight: 0.5g


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