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DJI RS 3 Pro

Everything at your fingertips


Expanding on the powerful features of the Ronin series, DJI RS 3 Pro is an advanced, all-in-one camera expansion platform that makes it easy for filmmakers and offers coordinated recording solutions for professional teams. With DJI RS 3 Pro, everything is at your fingertips.


Pro-level design

Supports heavy loads

The RS 3 Pro uses extended carbon fiber shaft arms to allow more room for professional camera balancing, making it perfect for cameras like the Sony FX6 or Canon C70 with 24-70mm F2.8 lenses to expand creative possibilities.


The new extended quick-release bottom plate[1] ensures a more stable camera mount and is convenient for installing a lens holder for increased security.


To facilitate the balancing process, a precision adjustment wheel has been incorporated into the tilt axis to move the camera forward and backward more precisely, even with millimeter accuracy. With Teflon® coated components, the RS 3 Pro can be balanced with less friction and less resistance, even when mounting heavy cameras.


Automatic axis locking

The RS 3 Pro lets you start faster so you never miss a shot. Simply press and hold the power button and all three axes will automatically unlock and expand, allowing you to start shooting in just seconds. Press the power button once and the axes will lock and go into sleep mode, making scene changes much more efficient. Press and hold the power button and it will automatically fold and lock.


High capacity loads

The RS 3 Pro's optimized structural design ensures that its weight remains the same as the RS 2 at only 1.5 kg (including stabilizer, battery grip and dual-layer quick-release plates), while its load capacity is 4.5 kg, for powerful support in a lightweight body.


Check camera compatibility


Wireless shutter control

Equipped with dual-mode Bluetooth technology, the RS 3 Pro can achieve efficient and reliable wireless shutter control. [2]After initial Bluetooth pairing, you can control video and photo recording by simply pressing the record button on the stabilizer. A previously paired camera will automatically reconnect, saving you time with each use.


Check camera compatibility


Instant mode switching

By simply sliding the stabilizer's new mode selector, you can switch between pan-tracking, pan-tilt-tracking, and FPV modes. The FPV mode selection can also be customized as 360 3D Rotation, Portrait or Custom, allowing you to set your rig and get started quickly.



The bigger the better

An integrated 1.8-inch full-color OLED touchscreen display increases the screen size, compared to the RS 2, by 28%. It's handy for adjusting parameters, checking recording status and framing targets. [3] And with the redesigned user interface, all settings are more intuitive and accurate. The OLED screen also offers higher brightness than the RS 2's LCD screen to enable better outdoor viewing, with lower power consumption.



Pro-level stabilization

Stylish carbon fiber structure

The arms of the RS 3 Pro are made of overlapping layers of uncut carbon fiber, just like on the Ronin 2. This makes it lighter and stronger than the bonded carbon fiber material used on the RS 2, and increases rigidity and reduces weight, to cope with even more demanding recording environments.


The next step in RS stabilization

Enabled by the third generation of RS stabilization algorithms, the RS 3 Pro provides significantly improved stability in any situation. Lab sampling data indicates that the RS 3 Pro provides a 20% increase in stability over the RS 2, making it easier to shoot in tilt shots, record running or switch between high and low positions.


Stabilization test data comparison


SuperSmooth results

When SuperSmooth mode is activated, the RS 3 Pro increases motor torque to improve stabilization and generate stable videos even in fast-moving situations or when using 100mm equivalent focal length lenses.


Pro-Level Focusing

LiDAR assistance

To facilitate focusing, the LiDAR focusing technology of the Ronin 4D is applied to the RS 3 Pro. The new LiDAR rangefinder (RS) can project 43 200 measurement points over a distance of 14 meters. [4]


It also features an integrated camera with a 30 mm equivalent focal length and a wide 70° field of view, which meets focusing needs in most scenarios.


Compared to traditional focusing technology, the LiDAR focusing system does not need to rely on the surface texture of the target. This is especially useful in low-light environments or complex scenarios with multiple targets, and results in incredibly stable focusing.


Supports Wide mode and Spot mode. In Wide mode, the rangefinder automatically detects the target and follows the focus. In Spot mode, users can manually frame the target or click the target into focus.


New Focus engine

The latest-generation Focus motor (2022) provides three times stronger torque (up to 1 N-m) and reduces audible noise by 50%. This enables a smoother focusing experience and reduces the effect on audio recording. It also adopts a quick-release structure that allows it to be mounted easily, without the need for tools, for faster use.


Enables cinematic autofocusing

Pairing the LiDAR rangefinder with the new Focus engine makes cinematic autofocus on manual lenses possible. Press the M button on the stabilizer once to quickly switch between manual and autofocus, so you can use both modes easily.


After calibrating manual lenses, multiple lens calibration profiles can be stored in the Focus engine, so there is no need to recalibrate before each use. Some cine lenses[5] can even be connected to the Focus engine to provide autofocus without the need for calibration.


Users can also directly connect the LiDAR rangefinder and Focus engine to the camera, and operate independently of the stabilizer to allow autofocusing on manual lenses, as well as with an external battery. [6]


ActiveTrack Pro

Tracking in the Ronin series has never been so accurate and responsive.

The latest generation ActiveTrack Pro can read images directly from the camera integrated into the LiDAR rangefinder, without the need for the Ronin image transmitter (previously called the RavenEye Ronin image transmitter). The LiDAR rangefinder also carries a self-developed chip identical to the one used by the Ronin 4D, which multiplies the computing power of ActiveTrack Pro by more than 60 times, compared to the ActiveTrack 3.0 of the Ronin image transmitter.


When using ActiveTrack Pro, you can directly monitor or frame the target on the OLED touch screen of the RS 3 Pro. [7] Live signal latency has been reduced to only 40 ms (60% lower than that of the Ronin image transmitter) to enable fast tracking, even when the target is moving fast. With a neural network accelerator, it can identify and track targets, even if they are many and far away.



Pro-level video transmission

Fast mounting

The RS 3 Pro can be paired with the new DJI Transmission to provide a customized recording solution. The RS 3 Pro can directly power the DJI Video Transmitter, which is conveniently mounted on the bottom via the hot shoe, without the need for an additional battery, reducing the load when the equipment is handheld.



Long distance wireless transmission

The O3 Pro video transmission offers a video and audio transmission range of 6 km[8] with ultra-low latency, and automatic frequency hopping between the 2.4 GHz, 5.8 GHz and DFS bands, to provide teams with an incredibly stable and interference-free remote monitoring experience.


Coordinated shoots

The DJI high-brightness remote monitor supports 1080p/60 fps live signals and a transmitter with multiple receivers. In Control mode, two receivers can be used at the same time to cooperatively control the RS 3 Pro's stabilizer, focus and camera parameters for an integrated receiving, monitoring and control experience.


Wireless Level Control Pro

Stabilizer and Focus Control[9]

The high-brightness remote monitor can be used with the Ronin 4D, DJI Master Wheels or DJI Force Pro grips to precisely control the stabilizer and focus.


It is also equipped with a built-in gyro sensor that can turn the remote monitor into a standalone motion controller for the RS 3 Pro, without additional accessories, to achieve more complex camera movements from a moving vehicle or with a crane arm.


Efficient wireless camera control

When the RS 3 Pro is mounted on devices such as crane arms, cable cams or vehicle suction cup mounts, the mirrored control mode enables efficient wireless control from anywhere on set. This mode allows direct control of essential menu operations on Sony mirrorless cameras[5], via a remote monitor and without having to unplug your camera.




Pro-level ecosystem

Extensive expandability

With dual RSA/NATO ports and a battery port, the RS 3 Pro can be connected to various accessories, such as the Dual Swivel Grip, Cable Control Grip and the new DJI Suitcase Grip, to meet all kinds of shooting requirements.


Solutions for any scenario

Thanks to the DJI RS SDK protocol, third-party manufacturers and individual developers can now create customized solutions for the RS 3 Pro. Whether recording from a mobile vehicle, with a crane or steadicam, or from a cable cam or slider, the RS 3 Pro provides you with comprehensive recording solutions and greater creative possibilities.



Crane arm


Cable Cam




DJI RS SDK creates an ecosystem together with its developers.

DJI RS SDK is a developer protocol provided by DJI for developers and third-party hardware manufacturers to equip the DJI RS 3 Pro with more functions for different scenarios.


Typical functions

Setting the stabilizer position Controlling stabilizer rotation Getting position and motor information Controlling camera recording and focusing



Create a virtual studio system that allows control of the RS 3 Pro with a PC or console. It also allows online control of multiple stabilizers, so that a single operator can easily use them.

Mount the RS 3 Pro on a slider and programmatically link the two for four-dimensional control. You can customize the tracking to easily achieve expressive camera movements.

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Currently, DJI RS SDK is only available in English and Chinese. If you have any questions or requests, please visit the DJI forum for more details.


Ronin image transmitter[10]

RS 3 Pro enables two official video transmission solutions. In addition to DJI Transmission, the Ronin image transmitter provides live HD signals, remote stabilizer and camera control, ActiveTrack 3.0, Force Mobile and many other functions to provide integrated monitoring and control for independent filmmakers and small teams.



New case grip[10]

The redesigned suitcase grip is foldable for convenient storage and features a new ergonomic grip for easier and faster setup and switching to suitcase mode. The integrated hot shoe mount and 1/4"-20 mounting holes can be connected to external monitors for recording assistance, making camera movements at low angles more intuitive.




1. only available with pack purchase.

2. See detailed information about supported camera models in the list of compatible cameras.

3. Required for use with LiDAR Rangefinder (RS) or Ronin Image Transmitter.

4. Tested in an environment without bright lights. Under normal recording conditions, the human target detection distance is 7 meters.

5. See detailed information on supported camera models on the specification page.

6. Manual lens calibration is still required when used with RS 3 Pro.

7. Only applicable in bright environments with lenses that have distinguishable features or textures on their surface.

8. Measured in Control mode, in accordance with FCC standards and in a standard environment without interference.

9. High brightness remote monitor, Ronin 4D Grips, DJI Master Wheels and DJI Force Pro are sold separately.

10. Available as a bundle purchase or purchase separately.

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