1.2mm Steel Shock Absorber / Damping ( Angle Support )

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1.2mm Steel Shock Absorber / Damping ( Angle Support )




Applicable to UAV, car, shipborne photographic equipment and high-power high-definition zoom PTZ damping. Using 1570N / mm low stress and high toughness Baosteel materials, multi-strand low twist way twist into a spiral steel wire bundle, made of cage shape.

Installation board with 6061-T6 aluminum alloy super-hard aluminum alloy material, high-precision multi-axis CNC machining, the bottom of the screw hole overhead design, side hole rounded round, to avoid grinding line.

Damping wire shock absorbers use the material's viscous damping characteristics, so that the impact of instantaneous shock energy, as much as possible in the damping layer. Greatly enhance the high degree of high-definition photographic equipment effect, become a real water ripple nemesis.

Yield strength (N / mm2) ≥205

It is recommended to use the extrusion type to pull the structure to install more effectively, the installation hole is 2.5MM.

Note: It is strictly forbidden to squeeze the shock absorber, so as to avoid damage to the steel damper.

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